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Life Science

Sharing the knowledge of ecology, medicine and symbiotic lifestyles for sustainable development and safeguard of the planet...

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Protecting biodiversity and the equilibrium of ecosystems, as an essential condition for human health and for Life...

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Food Security

Working for food security and fighting against malnutrition for vulnerable populations in India....

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Child Protection

Acting for childhood protection and for education, to reveal the potential of those who will build tomorrow's world...

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Prāṇāyu seed bank - radiance of the project


The benefits of growing Prāṇāyu seeds are essential for the targeted populations.


  1. Impacts on the lives of families and communities.


- Gather favourable food security conditions for vulnerable populations in terms of access, availability, quality and stability.

- Cope with food emergencies during climatic or environmental disasters, through the selection of adequate seeds.

- Allow farmers to maintain soil fertility potential for successive crops.

- Support the ādivāsī and small farmers who want to maintain their traditional way of life.

- Enable vulnerable populations to be involved in their food production and the management of their resources.

- Restore rural livelihoods by reviving the local economy through traditional jobs in the heart of the most isolated villages.

- Boosting rural life by strengthening the cohesion of families and communities, and inspiring solidarity initiatives between communities.

- Prevent migration in slums by promoting food security in rural areas, reviving the traditional way of life, and enhancing socio-cultural dignity.



  1. Health and nutrition impacts


- Bridging nutritional deficiencies and their devastating corollaries.

- Cure pathologies related to malnutrition and prevent premature mortality.

- Meet the needs thanks to the contribution of food, seeds, plants with high nutritional density.

- Prevent certain types of chronic, acute or degenerative pathologies in order to strengthen the immune system by providing plants and seeds.

- Strengthen and regenerate the musculoskeletal system of individuals.

- Promote methods of prevention and medical empowerment according to the precepts of traditional Ayurvedic medicine.



  1. Impact on the protection of the environment


- Enrich, fertilize soils without synthetic products, by promoting their potential in mineralogy, trace elements.

- Preserve the biotope.

- Identify and maintain seeds adapted to weather requirements and climate change.

- Save adaptable seeds for emergencies from natural disasters.

- Cultivate and diffuse pollutant species from the field.

- Develop decontaminating and purifying plants for water resources.

- Grow plants particularly suited to carbon recapture of the air.

- Preserve endangered species and traditional varieties of ancient cultures.

- Limit carbon emissions by promoting local agriculture.

- Protect wildlife made up of endangered animal species.




  1. Spreading the word by example


- Empowering vulnerable populations.

- Share knowledge and develop human exchanges through solidarity, philanthropy, and ethics.

- Preserve the culture and traditional way of life of the ādivāsī, in perfect osmosis with nature, serving as a model.

- Adapt solidarity projects to the ecological and autonomous values ​​of the targeted populations.

- Create an international ethical solidarity action at different scales that is easily modelled and reproducible for other NGOs.

- Promote around the project the creation of social ties, reflection, sharing, awakening, distribution of material and immaterial wealth.



  1. Scientific outreach


- Generate scientific data to substanciate clinical results in agro ecological and medical research.

- Validate ancestral knowledge of Ayurveda.

- Support and preserve Aboriginal culture and their age-old agro-ecological knowledge.

- Preserve traditional knowledge of inestimable value for humanity in agriculture, ecology, traditional medicine and Ayurveda.

- Preserve seed species that are very beneficial to the human species.

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"Prāṇāyu is an association humanitarian, of general interest, for the protection of biodiversity, agrodiversity, the balance of ecosystems, all practices and essential knowledge for the human health and to Life".