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Life Science

Sharing the knowledge of ecology, medicine and symbiotic lifestyles for sustainable development and safeguard of the planet...

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Protecting biodiversity and the equilibrium of ecosystems, as an essential condition for human health and for Life...

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Food Security

Working for food security and fighting against malnutrition for vulnerable populations in India....

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Child Protection

Acting for childhood protection and for education, to reveal the potential of those who will build tomorrow's world...

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About Prāṇāyu - Gratitude and sharing


Prāṇāyu is the resultant of the fruit of many masters of the past and the present.

Prāṇāyu collaborates, shares and both extends its exchanges with other organizations that work with energy of a similar dynamic.



Guides of the past


In the following list are listed in chronological order some masters who have transmitted the greatest works in the field of Ayurveda.

Anonymous author of Prāṇa-pravāda-pūrva or prāṇāvāya-pūrva or Prāṇāyupūrva describing the ten types of vital substances or vitalities (prāna), lifespan, etc.

The great clinician and internal doctor Caraka successor of Agniveṣa

The sage Caraka expresses the virtue of the Ayurvedic sciences by the following metaphor:

'The high merits [of the Ayurveda] reach both worlds' (CS sū. I. 43).


Then the venerable Caraka, states what all the happy practitioners of the Ayurveda have experienced:

'Whoever has experienced the holistic improvement provided by Ayurveda, never makes a U-turn' (CS śā 151).


The mythical venerable Patenjali

The great surgeon Sushuta (Suśruta)

The anonymous authors of 14 pūrva-s and 32 agama-s





Contemporary Guides


Masters in Philosophy, manuscriptology

Sadviji Sri Vairagya Linna Mahārāj Saheb ji, Hitruci Vijayji Mahārāj Sahebji, Hitā Darṣita Srīji Mahārāj, Sahebji, Nalini Balbirji, Nicolas Dejenneji, Cirāg Śuklaji, Mana Shahji, Rameś Pandyaji, Sāmani Chaitanya Prajā, Sāmani Samgītā Prajā, Kumarpal Desai, Harshad Chandrarāj, Ācārya Ajay Sagar Sūri


Doctors in Ayurveda and Naturopathy

Dr. Vaidya Pram Pujye Shri Hardicar Dadaji, Dr. Sri Dilip Gadgilji, Dr. Sri Sunil Joshi, Dr. Sri Nibhodiji, Sri Doctor Sukumaran Vidyadharanji, Sri Atreya Smithji, Sri Alex Dukanji, Sri Robert Svobodaji, Dr. David Frawleyji, Dr. Sri Vasant Ladji, Jacqueline Royre from Austria Delagrange.


Doctors and researchers in allopathy or modern biology

Dr. Catherine Kousmine, Dr. Jean Seignalet, Dr. Norman Pugh, Dr. Luc Gaston Besson, Dr. Regis Gosdidier, Dr. Christophe Helleau, Dr. Natasha Cambel, Dr. Misshmal, Dr. Klark, Professor Pierre Weil, Danielle Boussard, Pascal Bossu, Dr. Claude Lagarde, Dr. David Servant Schreiber, Dr. Franck Ledoux, Dr. Gérard Guénio, Dr. Robert Halphon, Dr. Pol Henri, Dr. Patrick Houlier, Dr. Pascal Pointaire, Dr. Georges Mouton, Dr. Luc Bodin, Dr. Philippe Fiévet, Dr. Sonchay Intavong, Doctor Daniel Bodin, Dr. Daniel Penoel, Dr. Paul Nogier.





JVBI University near Jaipur India

University of Gujārat Vidyāpīt in India

Sādhanā association in France

Kualo, whom we thank for accepting Prāṇāyu in its free hosting program for NGOs. We chose Kualo for its ecological values ​​and practices (use of 100% renewable energy, energy efficient design principles, sensible green policies), and for its commitment and support for NGOs.

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"Prāṇāyu is an association humanitarian, of general interest, for the protection of biodiversity, agrodiversity, the balance of ecosystems, all practices and essential knowledge for the human health and to Life".