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Prāṇāyu Ahiṃsā Life-Science

the Jaina-Yoga-Āyurveda


Namo Jināya

To the Seekers of Holistic Goodness of Self and Others

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Welcome to Prāṇāyu Journey above Health

We are delighted to welcome in the domain of Prāṇāyu Medicine-and-Life-Science also designated by: Ahiṃsā-Āyurveda, Jaina-Āyurveda, Yoga-Āyurveda, Prāṇa-Āyurveda, Sattvik-Āyurveda... It stands at the convergence of ancestral Āyurvedic medicine, Yogic wisdom, Ahiṃsā-vijñāna, Karmology…


Our journey goes back to 2006, in the little Āyurvedic clinic and research centre called Sadhana, located in France and ramifying in Karnataka-Maharashtra border.

There, we have been thoroughly practising, studying and researching on

this ancestral medicine, integrating with modern science and have the bliss to witness the rebirth to the Prāṇāyu, the Jaina-Yoga-Āyurveda science, and its

powerful mind-enlightening and all-diseases-curing results.


Overall, Prāṇāyu Life-Science is a remarkable discipline that intertwines the realms of Āyurveda, Siddha, Yoga, Unani, homeopathy, naturopathy, chemical-free-allopathy, and surpassing physical healing encompasses psychology, neurology, soteriology (mokṣamārga), yogic power acquisition, nature connection, ecology, quantum-physics…


The enlivening Innate Power of Prāṇāyu


Along our practice, we observed with renewed fascination how Prāṇāyu Ahiṃsā Life-Science, always assures the strongest results in the cure of all physical diseases and mental afflictions far above imagination. It unfolds innumerable powerful unexpected faculties for the patient. Prāṇāyu literally elevates and opens new dimensions of humanness.



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All information and studies on these are conducted by Prāṇāyu organisation. Numerous researches and studies are published on its website, etc. as well as distributed through our mailing list and shared on demand.



That is why, the Prāṇāyu physician or Vaidya is duly titled Prāṇācārya – Life-force-master. Indeed, the track of Prāṇāyu merges the health-path into the illumination-path in a straight continuum. Therefore, having entered through the health gate, the patient becomes a student gradually enlightened by his ascension on the happiness-road of this Ahiṃsā Life-Science.


In this transformative journey he will be blessed and fulfilled by the realisation of unsuspected potentials. Day-by-day he shall feel the exponential growth of his vigour, his will-power, his vision, his ability in the realisation of deeper dreams, his increasing helpfulness to others, his unshakable connect-fullness mother-nature and to all living-beings.


Overall, fostering all potentials, energy, light, for of oneself, one automatically uplifts others and becomes a shelter of life, peace and non-violence.


Prāṇāyu's Authoritative Sovereignty

Prāṇāyu, the Prāṇa-Āyurveda, dispenses decisive scientific lights for the understanding of all medical branches like nutrition, microbiology (like gut-micro-flora), cancerology, immunology, epigenetic, neurology, psychiatry, yoga, etc.


Prāṇāyu, Ahiṃsāyurveda, reveals scientifically validated impactful, needful knowledges on the goodness and ‘healingness’ of:

- the Annaprāṇa – grain based ancestral diet also known as Annāhāra, Ahiṃsānna, Yogāśana

- the exclusion of rājasik and tāmasik food like flesh, bread, ready made food, etc.

- the avoidance onion-garlic family plants (alliaceae) with other fermentissible and fermented unwholesome substances or preparations,

- the āyambila, rasaparityāga and nir-vigaya-s (including milk products, oily food, sweet substances, fermented food, food containing life…),

- the laws of ekāśana, dvayāśana, trayāśāna,

- the rātribhojana-tyāga (taking food before sunset),

- the pertinence of vegan nutrition,

- the purity of heart, mind and body,

- all effective protocols that purifies the brain, awakens the mind…

All being supported by modern researches in respect of microbiology, neurotherapy, gut-flora microbiota, nycthemeral metabolism function, chrononutrition, gastro-enterology, etc.



Dietary prescription of Prāṇāyu, Life-Science


of Prāṇāyu medicinal yogic foods

What is so wonderful in eating more Prāṇāyu Annaprāṇa traditional ancestral organic grains, pulses and plants?


of Prāṇāyu to be avoided foods

Why is it so wise to substitute Prāṇāyu non-āyambil, mahā-vigaya, laghu-vigata, rājasik, tāmasik, unwholesome foods?

Nine keys advantageous features

1. Containing all longevity, health, energy, mental clarity, immune-power enhancing substances...

2. Highest and optimal nutritional density.

3. Balanced in caloric density. Engendering weight-loss in obesity and in skinniness (cachexia) increase in musculo-skeletal tissue.

4. Lightness in digestibility, post-meal easiness, postprandial comfort and awake-fullness...

5. Fulfils satiety and provides long term energy for persistent body and brain clarity, vivacity and stamina...

6. Devoid of addictive substances, trenching and appeasing all demands. Upgrading ‘wantings’ to wholesome physiological needs...

7. Increasing the autonomy, sensitivity freedom of reward gratification systems, making the mind free, liberated and devoid of alienating unwholesome, desires, longings… Replete with grounded happiness, ease, satisfaction, contentment.

8. Growing brain size, developing superior functions and structures as the neocortex.

9. Promoting psychological development. Rising, upgrading, uplifting human motives, needs... (cf. Maslow hierarchy)

1. Containing all cancerogenic, all mortality causing, disease creating and longevity deceasing substances, classified by high evidence based researches.

2. Low, poor insufficient nutritional density.

3. High in caloric density inducing weight gain with obesity or absorption deficit with de-nutrition and inflammation, diseases...

4. Heavy in digestion, post-meal heaviness, brain-fog, drowsiness and sleepiness….

5. Absence or short satiety with scares, cyclothymic energy, binging, bulimia. If leaves the body and brain fogy, confused, petrified, fatigued, demotivated...

6. High in addictive substances rising overflowing demand. Creating climbing redraw symptoms incapacitating adaptative capacities.

7. Decreasing autonomy, deregulating, de-optimising, degrading reward gratification systems. Making the mind slave of food likings, longings, taste preferences, yearnings, cravings. Entertaining restless unsatifiable moods.

8. Decreases brain size, degrades its anatomy, exploits its lower functions, atrophies neocortical structures,

9. Causes psychological involution. Lowering and down-grading human motives, needs... (cf. Maslow hierarchy)

See more details below


Brain functions favoured & disfavoured by Prāṇāyu nutrition

Prāṇāyu nutrition enhances neocortical and superior functions growth and empowerment over paleo-mammalian and reptilian inferior circuits.


From frontal/ prefrontal cortex (neo-mammalian cortex)

- Psychic development uplifting cognitive processes with motivation targets (ethical, moral, logical like sustainable health of self, social well-fare, environment)

- Patience, compassion, generosity, selflessness, forgiveness, tolerance...

- Will-power, endurance, resilience, delayed gratification or reward transfer, compromise and inhibition

- Long-term planning, anticipation, projection, sustainable planning creativity

- Minimisation of gratification needs and avidity by optimisation of the reward system, and increase of altruism motivation contentment

- Judgement clarity, decision accurateness and speed, initiative energy

- Consequentialism, courage, persistency

- Memory power, intellectual quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ)

- Concentration, alertness, awakeness, mental clarity…

Prāṇāyu to be avoided foods assists paleo-mammalian and reptilian brain circuits and is detrimental to the neocortex and superior function.


From basal ganglia (reptilian brain)

- Decreasing in ethics, altruism, prosocial behaviours and inclination, compassion,

- Aggressivity, dominance,

- Ritual display,

- Possessiveness, territoriality,

- Harsher judgements on others,

- Cheating

- Impatience, intolerance

- Cravings, addictions, etc.


From limbic system (paleo-mammalian brain)

- Arousal, excitement, desire, sexual longings...

- Fear, disgust


Molecular perspective in Scientific Terms

Prescribed food health virtues

To be avoided food harmfulness

- Prebiotics macrobiota-accessible-carbohydrates (MAC),

- Resistant starches and second-meal effect substances,

- Slow carbohydrates most important for brain high cognitive activities

- All vitamins and precursor starting by B vitamins including B12, B9, B6...

- All nutritional fibre most beneficial for prebiotic starting by butyrate (SCFA), lignans

- Most nutritious protein content with all amino-acid of original source (as the protein of milk or flesh are original from heterotrophs namely plants)

- All anti-oxidants and phytochemicals and rejuvenating and anti-ageing substances,

- All minerals and alkalines like calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+)...

- All oligo-elements starting by zinc

- All neuro-endocrino-immuno-promoting substances like serotonin, dopamine, GABA, L-dopa, tryptophan...

- All healthy fatty acids like MUFA, PUFA, omega 3 with ideal ratio of ω6/ω3

- Healthiest iron source as non-heme-iron.

- All substances including lectins, glutathione, inositol…

- Fermentissible substances like FODMAP-s

- Microbial agents and biotoxins moulds and bacterial agent biotoxins including alphatoxins and other mycotoxins (as alkaloids and polyketides), gram-negative bacteria endotoxins (LPS), actinomycetes (often gram-positive bacteria) exotoxins...

- Inflammatory substances like TMAO, advance glycation end-products (AGE)...

- Biogenic amines, phytotoxics including histamine (HIS), putrescine (PUT), spermine (SPM), cadaverine (CAD)...

- Cyanogenic glycosides are highly neurotoxic phytotoxics

- Acidic substance like oxalates, strong acids like uric acid, weak-acids. like oxalic-acid, citric-acid, PRAL...

- All food-pollutants magnified toxics due to food chain toxicity amplification for all non-vegan products like POP, heavy metals, etc.

- Cholesterol, saturated fat, trans fat all all arterio-sclerogenic fats

- Numerous other toxic substances including Ketone bodies, N-Glycolylneuraminic acid (Neu5Gc), nitrosamine, heterocyclic amines (HCA), L-carnitine, heme iron, casomorphin, glutamate…

- Addictive substances, caloric dense substances, pathogenic microbial neuro-agent prebiotics, morphine like substances, organoleptic and palatable reward system hijacking substances…)

Data from World Health Organisation (WHO), IARC (International Agency for Research in Cancer), World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), American Cancer Society (ACS)...

All information and studies on these are conducted by Prāṇāyu organisation. Numerous researches and studies are published on its website, etc. as well as distributed through our mailing list and shared on demand.


Prāṇāyu unique concepts and profound impact

Prāṇāyu expertise touches upon multiplicity of life related fields which secret laws have still to be elucidated.

Wherever modern science walks faltering steps in darkness, when it is shaken by controversies, wheresoever in stumbles in contradiction clashes, Prāṇāyu provides clear insights, unifying view and promising instructions. Its practitioner proves that its eternal advancements, surmounts scientific discoveries and philosophic concepts.

Whenever latest science takes pride in studies of largest scale caliber as per their population size, their time duration, their considered co-factors; Prāṇāyu holds its knowledge through thousands or millions years successive generations. Its cognition emerges the closest from mother nature’s, who is the singular impress of generating Life and Consciousness.

Whenever contemporary science integrity and objectivity is questioned by conflict of interest and cognitive biases, Prāṇāyu ascertains its solidity from vītarāgayogī – passionless-saints known to have compassion even for their enemies.

In the comparison of diseases with a leaking tape, at-the-cutting-edge medical interventions excels in cleaning the bathroom. Countless strategies higher-bid with enumerable chemicals, elaborated protocols, impressive technologies, vertiginous expert committees, etc. Meanwhile, Prāṇāyu will precisely point how to close the tape.

When overall actual science takes the license of cruel human experimentation, inhuman animal vivisections, microscopes, etc. Prāṇāyu’s seer reveals omniscience from the eyes of their heart.



Prāṇāyu uniqueness in its Sanskṛta terminology

Prāṇāyu’s medical and psychiatric expertises

- Kalyāṇa, ‘continuum of health-path enlightenment-paths’...

- Tattva-karma-yogādi, acuteness in aetiology-diagnosis-prognostic-treatment...

- Mārgaprabhāvanādi, exemplary way and for ultimate altruism that is sovereign dedication to the well-fare of others...

- Nirvikṛtyādi, gut-brain-immun-axis microbiome alignment...

- Guṇasthāna-guṇapratyaya-ādi, worthiness stages based on virtue acquisition from cognitive-behavioural-energetical gradual reciprocal conditioning...

- Karmabandhavipākādi, semiology and prognosis diseases and potential development predictability...

- Apramattasaṃyamādi mastering of the will-power muscle on psycho-somatic or cognitive-behavioural levels…


Prāṇāyu’s psychological, neurological and metaphysical expertise

- Ratnatraya, spiritual-intellectual-physical-health-triad...

- Mohaṇīyādi, subconscious-mind opening...

- Pratyākhyāna-vratādi, neuro-cognitivity empowerment...

- Saṃyama-viratyādi, delayed gratification, reward system mastering and addiction annihilation...

- Mohakarmopaśamādi, cognitive-behavioural consistencies empowerment...

- Anuprekṣādi, neocortical developing meditation, neuro-biofeedback…


Origins and reseaches

All these core concepts are enunciated in phraseologies and nominal compounds of Sanskṛta language. Most of them could be designated with different appellations. The of timeless life-laws are present under different terminologies in Kalyāṇakaraka, Carakasaṃhitā, Aṣṭaṅgahṛdaya, Tattvārthasūtra, Yogasūtra, Yogaśāstra, etc. as well as is all modern researches in medicine, biology, microbiology, genetics, neurobiology…

All information and studies on these are conducted by Prāṇāyu organisation. Numerous researches and studies are published on its website, etc. as well as distributed through our mailing list and shared on demand.


Prāṇāyu, ‘Life-giver - Life-gived’ law

Etymologically, Prāṇa-Āyu means literally the ‘vitalising-illuminating’ science.

Āyu is the ‘vitalisation’ of all behavioural functions at psychic-mental-somatic levels providing all intelligences and skills. Mean-while Prāṇa ‘illuminates’ the cognitive clarity; Prānā pervades the broadest wisdom to consciousness.

Prāṇāyu as Yoga-Āyurveda, shall effortlessly strengthen our will-power muscle, tune our desire to our perfect essential needs, rises our true Life-instinct; out awakened intelligence of body, brain and heart. Prāṇāyu as Ahiṃsā-Āyurveda, shall build the Tīrtha - ford for realising our inalterable health potential and our soul enlightenment.


Semantically, the two words prāṇa – vital-spirit and āyu – life-energy are both corollary synonyms of ahiṃsā – non-violence. Prāṇa is also known as jīva – soul and āyu is jivīva – life force both inherently dependant on ahiṃsā – non-violence. Prāṇāyu, the Prāṇa-Āyurveda is substantialised by the energy of ahiṃsā - non-violence.


Embodying ahiṃsā, Prāṇāyu, incarnates per the universal unanimous supreme rule of Life’s favourableness relies on the mutualistic beneficence, reciprocal reinforcing “parasparopagraho-jīvāṇām-[upakāraḥ]”(Umasv ami, Tattvārthasūtra-5.21).


_ “Ahiṃsā is the unique strongest Life-growing quality”

Says the illustrious clairvoyant Agniveṣa under the pen of the pious ascetic Caraka Ahiṃsā

(“ahiṃsā-utkruṣṭama-eka-prāṇa-vardhanam”_Charaka-Saṃhitā-sū.XXX.15& CS-śā.II.44).

_ “Ahiṃsā and vitarāga - dispassion and holistic-health meet on the same summit”;

Proclaims lyrically the eminent saint Vāgabhaṭa.


_ “Srength arise from touching upon the state of fraternity, compassion, gratitude and understanding toward all living beings”

Ascertains the yogī Pantañjala, st

(“maitryādiṣu balāni”_Yogasūtra-3.23).

_ “Ahiṃsā is the energy-force based on faith creativity, it encompasses all interactions leading oneself to find Satya – the Divine-Truth

Life lives on life. (...) and constantly growing in self-restraint and compassion. (…) Underlying ahimsa is the unity of all life”;

Attests and exemplifies the magnanimous Mahātma Gandhi, in the luminescence of the wise sage Rājacandra (cf. Satyaprayoga-ātmakathā,etc._M.Gandhi)


That is why simultaneously with physical cure, Prāṇāyu reveals the deepest treasures of all human potentials, through the purification of all karmas leading to infinite happiness, energy, clarity, knowledge...

Overall, the well-wisher who wants take all the pain and spread goodness to all living beings will attain a master level through learning the science of Prāṇāyu. He will ascend the Prāṇāyu road of Life and concomitantly give bliss to number living being.



Unravelling Prāṇāyu’s Mysterious origin

In the compilations of ancient texts, Prāṇāyu, emerges from a forest of wisdoms, knowledges and sciences, deeply rooted in Ahiṃsā traditions, as Jaina, Yoga, Āyurveda, etc. Prāṇāyu pertains to the spirit of Anekānta – all-view points acceptance and integration.


Some historian examinations recognise Prāṇāyu Ahiṃsā Life-science back-to the reputed non-violent, Indus-Valley-Civilisation (IVC) at the dawn of neolithic. Prāṇāyu is even identified as the very origin of classical Āyurveda.

This confirms the primary traditional literature telling that Prāṇāyu, Life-science was entrusted to humanity by the eminent yogī Ādinātha – almighty-of-origin, out of his unbounded dedication to the well-fare of creatures. Ādinātha the yogī, whose symbol is a bull, was dully designated as Ṛṣabhanātha. Concordantly, in the Indus-Valley-Civilisation (IVC), the representation of the bull horned yogī is an important effigy. Propitiously, Ādinātha is an attested historical figure from all-horizon literatures including Purāṇic, Vedic, Vedantic, Shramanic, Jaina, Yogic…

According to the Jaina tradition, in the current avasarpiṇī era, Ṛṣabanātha, is the first Tīrthaṅkara – passage-maker; a ṛṣi – seer endowed with infinite compassion devoted to the welfare of all living beings.

Moreover, the legend traditions dates his birth in 10224 Pūrva-s – years-before which exactly coincides first with the shift from paleo to neolithic era and the dawn of agriculture as well as with the pre-Harappan IVC era. On top of all these concomitances, the benevolent Ādinātha is to be the legendary initiator of farming cultivation along with all arts and sciences.


Prāṇāyu is the denomination of the Shramanic-Jaina 12th Pūrva from the canon of the Caturdaśa-Pūrva-s, also named Prāṇāvāya-Pūrva, Prāṇāyu-Pūrva, or Prāṇa-Pravāda-Pūrva. Commonly, Prāṇāyu is renowned by Pushpa-Āyurveda of Ācārya-Samanta-Bhadra from which only partial fragments could be saved. Among its pillars also stands the 8th century Kalyāṇakārakam of Ūgradityācārya that shares deep insights of Prāṇāyu knowledge.

The indelebil mark of Prāṇāyu is found across a wide literature like the Tattvārthasūtra, Yogasūtra, Carakasaṃhitā, Aṣṭāṅgahṛdaya, Bhāgavadgītā, Mahāpūrāṇa…

Despite all the efforts of the all scriptures heritage preservation, a considerable work is to be done in respect of the Prāṇāyu life-science.


The core principle of Prāṇāyu, Ahimsāyurveda is explicit contribution to non-violence and its ethos aligns with Hippocrates oath, bioethics, respectful sciences, responsible medicines (notorious slogan of international physician committee PCRM), animal welfare, social equality, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity preservation (as the key of human and planetary health according to WHO), environment safeguard, brightness of future generations…



Joining the Prāṇa-Āyu Revival Mission

You are invited you to join and support, this enlightening mission to spread ‘Life’ through diffusing Prāṇāyu in the world. The target is to inseminate Prāṇāyu Prāṇāyurveda in scholar altitudes for the establishment of its authority, the rigorous maintenance of its purity and the diffusion of its message. Equality, the goal is to saw Prāṇāyu Life-science to all public with regard to the above most fertile receptacles.


Subsequently, we conduct conferences, seminars, webinars, courses, videos, articles, news-letters, deep scholar researches, in-depth studies on vital manuscript and treatises like Kalyāṇakārakam, publications, commentaries, comparative studies, highlighting of Prāṇāyu Life-wisdom scientific authority, health seva for Sādhu-s Sādhvi, Saints, and all, camps, workshops, ahiṃsā-medicines production-distribution-seva, medicinal plant and food seed-bank seva, Vanasprajñā primary forests protection...


To unlock this immense wisdom, we seek your support.

Your contribution will be the driving force behind the resurgence of this incomparably powerful healing & enlightening science.

Prāṇāyu Life-knowledge will not remain a relic of the past, it holds the key to a future where holistic well-being and scientific understanding coalesce.


Your generosity today will echo through generations, saving the Lives of countless individuals and innumerable living-beings. Reviving Prāṇāyu is honouring the wisdom of our ancestors and assuring the passage for saving humanity and mother earth.

Join this transcendental magical journey to revive this timeless Life-salutary legacy.


Honorary reverences to the one being the āshrama of

kṣamā - compassion, forgiveness, endurance, forbearance, patience...

Khamā-samano-matthaena-vandanāni (Prākṛt) - Kṣamā-āśramāya-mastakena-vandanāni (Sanskṛt)


Become saved and saviour of Life,


Join the path, becoming guardian and part of the family…


- Learning about Prāṇāyu by requesting our articles, newsletters, product list..

- Requesting conferences, classes, courses, treatments, consultations…

- Organizing an event like conference, workshop, camps...

- Establishing a contact between us Sādhus Sadhvīs, Mātāji, Prabhuji, Guru-bhagavant, Saints, Saṅgha, Gurukulavāsa for needful for health assistance, as-well-as for diffusion…

- Connecting us with all other ahiṃsāka - non-violent individual, group, movement, initiative and like-minded endeavours...

- Practising by consulting and using Prāṇāyus’s products.

- Sponsoring our work by contributing financially to general or specific projects.

- Volunteering from distance or locally.

- Teaching stories, legends, and all ancient wisdoms or sciences

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- Translating in all Indian languages, English, French, etc.

- Donating objects like old cottons, utensils, containers, wood, organic foods, seeds, tools, traditional objects, mechanical clocks...

- Entering in the family by sharing your contact


With heartfelt merciful faithful gratitude




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